Summary of “The Double Edge of Globalisation”

In the “Double Edge of Globalisation”, Chanda(2007) reflects upon the positive and negative consequences brought about by globalization, and the importance of international commitment in mitigating globalization’s ill effects.

While globalization has indeed brought about certain benefits such as increased international trade, rapid economic growth, and global connectivity, its negative side effects cannot be ignored.

Chanda presents deforestation as a case in point. He mentions that multinational corporations are destroying the environment in countries which have less sophisticated environmental laws for their own gain. To make matters worse, local companies in these countries are found to be already causing more damage than their international counterparts.

Chanda then laments over how countries are reluctant to take part in international efforts to curb the damage that globalization is causing. He states that the UN needs to first have support from its own members before it can have any political influence over the other countries.


2 thoughts on “Summary of “The Double Edge of Globalisation”

  1. Hi YongCheng,

    Your summary is good as it clearly states the positive and negative consequences of globalization. It also flows smoothly. There is nothing much that I have to comment on, which is good. Just maybe you shouldn’t separate your summary into paragraphs. Summary should only be one paragraph, especially since the word count is only 150 words. Also, maybe you can remove the UN example as examples are usually not required in summaries.

    That’s all that I have. Thanks for sharing your summary =)


  2. Hi Yong Cheng,

    I agree with Clarice, you did a great job for the summary! You clearly presented Chanda’s viewpoints and the summary flows smoothly too. I can’t really pick out any mistakes.(:


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